This BBC presenter completely lost it in a laughing fit on air

Picture:  telefauxpas/YouTube screengrab
Picture: telefauxpas/YouTube screengrab

BBC TV presenter Louise Lear broke down into a fit of giggles Wednesday night during a weather report on the BBC News Channel.

Ahead of the gongs of the BBC 6 O'Clock news, Louise Lear presented the weather segment, or at least tried to while fighting back uncontrollable laughter. Newsreader Simon McCoy was also surpressing giggles, but luckily for him, he wasn't on camera for very long.

As we all know, some words just set you off. For Lear, these words were:

Across central parts of England

We've all at least smirked at that one. Then there was:

Sunshine with highs of 24 degrees

Picture: telefauxpas/YouTube

We bet you can't make it through this one without laughing

This area of low pressure that's been sitting across the North West

What a laugh riot.

See the full video here:

Video: telefauxpas/YouTube

Having made it through, a relieved Lear said:

So glad that's over.

McCoy replied:

It wasn't your fault, and it wasn't my fault, and we'll leave it there.

Ominous? Probably just mischievous. Regardless, somebody will probably get angry and connect this to the licence fee.

A few minutes later, newsreader Simon McCoy tweeted to fellow BBC man Jeremy Vine.

She is fab! Neither of us responsible! #justsaying

We're not sure how much we believe that.

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