Cheshire council gets mocked after disastrous tweet about potholes backfires

Cheshire West/Twitter/Screengrab

Cheshire West and Chester Council found themselves at the centre of a brutal bit of Twitter mocking after a PR tweet massively backfired.

In a now-deleted tweet, the council were hoping to dispel any concerns about the size of a large pothole that had emerged on a road in the Winsford area.

The image showed a man named "Inspector Darren" resting a spirit level on either side of the hole - yet it looked as if one end of the tool was not resting on the road level at all.

Picture:Picture: Imgur/Screengrab

In the tweet, the council claimed that the hole was under 50mm in depth and would they would not be filling it at this time.

This could have well been an honest mistake or an awkward photo angle - but it soon stirred debate on Twitter and local residents weren't happy.

Inevitably poor Darren and his measuring skills became a meme and the jokes were brutally funny.

Despite deleting the now-viral tweet, Cheshire West pointed out that they had spent over £1 million on potholes in the last financial year and would look into the comments that they had received.

The Sun reports that local Councillor Karen Shore was adamant that the pothole had been measured correctly but that it would be repaired in the coming weeks.

Shore is quoted as saying:

The pothole in question was measured correctly and in line with our policy.

At a depth of 36mm, the pothole is a lower category defect than those of more than 50mm, which are prioritised for repair within 24 hours.

However, this has still been listed as defective and raised as a job for our contractor to complete in the coming weeks, which is standard for this type of repair.

Indy100 has contacted Cheshire West and Chester Council in regards to the subject.

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