This man is painting penises on potholes so the council has to take action

(Picture: Wanksy
(Picture: Wanksy

A mysterious dick pic vigilante who goes by the name of 'Wanksy' is spray-painting penises around potholes so that his local council has to come and fill them in.

Speaking to the anonymous street artist said he has been working "on and off for a couple of years" but that the problem in Ramsbottom, Greater Manchester, has "got really bad recently".

On one of the photos on his Facebook page, the activist explained that one pothole had been there for eight months without being filled in but after he drew a penis on it, the pothole was fixed in less than 48 hours.

However, Wanksy fears that his high output may now have ballsed-up his initial objectives, telling

They don't always get filled, in fact, I think the council maybe deliberately not filling them in now.

  • Wanksy

Indeed, local council officials have taken a dim view of his actions, telling the Manchester Evening News that not only do they deem the drawings to be "obscene" but that "every penny that we have to spend cleaning off this graffiti is a penny less that we have to spend on actually repairing the potholes!"

Nevertheless, support for the street artist continues to grow online, with one commenter on his Facebook page claiming: "Let's make the council realise we won't put up with the ridiculous condition of our roads."

While another simply says: "Well done dude! You're my hero."

All images reproduced with kind permission of Wanksy

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