Clip of Christopher Plummer being the ‘perfect gentleman’ to Julie Andrews goes viral after his death
Screengrab: YouTube

Film fans across the world are mourning the death of Christopher Plummer, who passed away at 91. 

The legend of cinema – famous for roles in The Sound of Music and most recently the critically acclaimed Knives Out – has been hailed as “one of the greats” by fans and former co-stars.

Following Plummer’s death, a clip from 2015 of him being the “perfect” gentleman to Julie Andrews has gone viral.

The pair of course starred in The Sound of Music, and were attending an event to mark 50 years since the film’s release. When asked about the film, Plummer said of Andrews:

"She had the chemistry. I tried to maintain it. She really did and we followed her like St Joan into battle. It really was. You’d have agreed with me if you’d been there. It was your film."

Andrews graciously accepted Plummer’s compliments. But people really loved the way he attributed the film’s success to his co-star.

People think it sums up how he’s the “perfect gentleman”, and an all round decent man.



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