CNN host tears apart every single Republican argument against impeaching Trump

CNN host tears apart every single Republican argument against impeaching Trump

Donald Trump is the only president in history to be impeached twice but he could still become the first president to be convicted of the crimes he has been accused of. 

Trump managed to avoid being ousted from office during his first impeachment as the then Republican-controlled Senate was able to prop him up and avoid the consequences. 

It remains unclear as to what will happen with this impeachment as the Senate is now controlled by the Democrats but there is a doubt that there will be a two-thirds majority which is needed to convict Trump on the grounds of ‘incitement to insurrection.’

Although the trial is yet to begin, many Republicans are already making excuses as to why Trump shouldn’t be impeached. They range from it being “unconstitutional” as Trump is now a “private citizen”, to it potentially “damaging the Democrats’ agenda” and even suggesting we should give Trump “a break” over a riot which cost five people their lives.

In fact, there have been 20 excuses or reasons made by Republicans against impeaching Trump during various interviews, and Brianna Keliar of CNN has taken it upon herself to debunk all of these. 

Keliar highlighted some of the arguments presented by the likes of Ted Cruz, Kevin McCarthy and Nikki Haley. During her report on Wednesday, Keliar called out the Republicans who were happy to prop up Trump’s baseless voter fraud claims but are failing to act right now.

"The same lawmakers who were fine with dividing the country and exacerbating tensions by encouraging or enabling or ignoring the belief of many Americans, that their votes didn’t count, and that the election was stolen, without any tangible proof."

She also highlighted the hypocrisy of some Republicans who had previously spoken out against Trump’s rhetoric but are now trying to defend him. Keliar blasted Hayley who had told Fox News that Trump should “just be given a break” and that his actions were “not great”. In response to this, Keliar added, “Not great is how you describe lousy takeout not a deadly insurrection at the nation’s capital” she then proceeded to play examples of Hayley’s historic criticism’s of the former president.

Keliar even chanelled Back to the Future at one point when John Cornyn complained that losing the election was punishment enough for Trump, despite the riot happening two months later. She said “The president’s election loss November 4th is his punishment for inciting a riot on January 6th. Great Scott, that makes no sense! Remember, voters didn’t have Biff’s almanac of the future when they cast their ballots for president.”

The near 10-minute segment ended with Keliar debunking Jim Jordan’s claim that the impeachment would be ‘cancel culture’ which is a bit of a stretch at best.

Republicans recently lost a vote to stop the impeachment trial which is set to begin on 9 February.

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