Coca-Cola’s Weird New Flavor Is Here

As part of its limited 'creations' series, Coca-Cola is set to release its new flavor: Dreamworld, which it describes as "technicolor tastes and surrealism of the subconscious".

'Dreamworld' is the fourth and final drop of 2022 with "Byte", "Starlight", and "Marshmello's Limited Edition" predating it.

Aimed at Gen-Z, the new fantasy flavor is supposed to appeal to young people by giving Coca-Cola fans access to an Augmented Reality music experience in collaboration with Tomorrowland, when they scan the package.

It also features limited edition packaging with a vibrantly colored label.

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However many people can't get behind the 'technicolor' and 'subconscious' flavors the company says are embedded within it.

The Coca-Cola Creations line is aimed at Gen-Z with it's previous flavor "Byte" supposedly embodying "what pixels might taste" inspired by the metaverse.

The actual flavor of "Byte" was described as a 'fruity' with hints of 'cherry' by Polygon.

Coca-Cola's collaborative drink with Marshmello combined watermelon, strawberry, and Coke Zero flavors to create his limited edition beverage.

It's unclear what exactly the "Dream"-flavored drink will taste like but seemingly it takes the flavor of Coke Zero and merges it with 'technicolor' and subconsciousness.

So it could be anyone's guess what 'subconscious' will actually taste like.

'Dreamworld' will be available to consumers in the US and Canada beginning August 15th.

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