Trump called a ‘broken human’ for ‘disgusting’ comments about Mitt Romney's coronavirus test results

Trump called a ‘broken human’ for ‘disgusting’ comments about Mitt Romney's coronavirus test results

Some things will never change – like Donald Trump sounding off on Twitter.

The US Senate has just passed a historic coronavirus disaster bill as the country’s death toll surpasses 1,000.

But Trump still found time to tweet.

Unfortunately, this one has led to a particularly virulent backlash.

That’s because it’s a seemingly sarcastic post about Mitt Romney… and coronavirus.

Romney – who has long opposed Trump and was the only Republican to vote against the president in his impeachment trial – went into self-isolation a few days ago.

At the time, Trump sarcastically responded to the news by saying “Gee, that’s too bad”.

But it’s now been revealed that Romney has tested negative for coronavirus.

When Trump heard the news, he took to his favourite platform to send his well-wishes.

Except those kind sentiments seemed to be more than a little sardonic.

Especially when you consider that “RINO” is an acronym for ‘Republican In Name Only’.

Unsurprisingly, Trump is being blasted for appearing to wish coronavirus on someone.

Especially given Romney’s wife, Ann, has multiple sclerosis, which makes her more vulnerable to the illness.

Some called him “disgusting”.

And “broken”.

Others said he had fallen way below the standards of normal human decency, let alone the ones (supposedly) expected of politicians.

Someone pointed out that Trump is a far more newly minted Republican than Romney.

And other Republican senators even came to Romney’s defence.

Trump doesn’t seem too bothered by the outrage though.

He’s too busy tweeting inconsistent stats about US testing rates for coronavirus.

The US has tested far fewer people per capita than South Korea.

In numbers, this means South Korea has tested 1 in 142 people and the US has tested 1 in 786 people.

But please, Donald, send more snarky tweets, it’s not like there’s a crisis on.

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