Trump claims he's 'not concerned at all' about having coronavirus despite an attendee at his conference testing positive

The American Conservative Union has announced that an attendee at CPAC, the event it hosted last month which is basically a convention for Trump supporters, has tested positive for COVID-19.

The president, vice president and a number of administration officials were all in attendance, although apparently didn't come into contact with the infected individual.

It comes as Washington, DC confirms its first case of coronavirus, yet Trump maintains that he's "not concerned at all".

Despite the possibility that he or any of his staff may have come into contact with the virus, Trump is also refusing to cancel any rallies – where thousands of MAGA-hat-wearing supporters will be crammed into close proximity to each other in a far-right screaming frenzy.

In response to questions on the issue, Trump – in his classic nonsensical style which has become his trademark for all comments coronavirus – said:

We'll have tremendous rallies. We're doing very well. We've done a fantastic job, with respect to that subject, on the virus.

People have pointed out the irony of the president potentially coming into contact with the novel coronavirus at the very event where his team went out of its way to dismiss the potential dangers of the disease.

Meanwhile, a remarkably chill Trump is playing golf for the second day in a row at Mar-a-Lago.

It's so absurd that people are wondering whether he's even being given the full picture.

Given he is a notorious germophobe, Trump's obsession with downplaying the urgency of the outbreak seems even more bizarre than it looks on the surface. Self-delusion or blind panic-lying? Watch this space.

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