During Tuesday's press briefing at the White House, Donald Trump's team painted a stark projection of what they seeing the end death toll 'goal' for the coronavirus pandemic.

According to the White House Coronavirus Task Force coordinator, Dr. Deborah Birx, in a worst-case scenario the country could be looking at 1.5 million to 240 million deaths, if there is no intervention whatsoever.

However, if people follow the hygiene and self-isolation guidelines, then they believe that the death toll could peak between 100,000 and 240,000, which is still a remarkable number but significantly less than what could have happened if there were no precautions taken at all.

While this new will be sobering to many who read it, there is an air of contention around the use of the word 'goals' in the presentation, as if anything close to these numbers will be deemed as a success.

Surely something like 'projection' or 'forecast' would have been more suitable in the circumstances.

There have been some Trump supporters who have attempted to defend the president's 'goals.'

Chelsea Clinton, the daughter of Bill and Hillary, also weighed into the issue, highlighting 'the multiple failures to test every suspected case.'

The United States has more than 160,000 confirmed cases, at the time of writing, which have resulted in 2,860 deaths.

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