Couple horrified after piping error results in them drinking toilet water for six months

Couple horrified after piping error results in them drinking toilet water for six months
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A couple were horrified to learn that a pipe mix-up in their home meant they’d allegedly been drinking toilet water for six months.

The pair were baffled when they said they suddenly developed health issues immediately after moving into the rental property in May.

The man, named only as Mr Tan, allegedly started losing his hair and broke out in acne.

His unnamed girlfriend is said to have developed a cough and began to feel discomfort in her chest.

About half a year after the move, Mr Tan said he realised he hadn’t paid a single water bill but, for some reason, had not been cut off.

When checking the water meters, he was puzzled to find that the reading on the tap meter failed to increase when they ran water, he said.

The number on the grey water meter, however, clearly increased when the taps were on, he claimed.

Jam Press

The couple called in plumbers, who were stunned to find an extra pipe allegedly linking the toilet and tap water pipes at the apartment in Beijing, China.

Their stomachs turned when they joined the dots and realised they’d allegedly been cooking with, showering with, and even drinking toilet water for six months.

The plumbers fixed the pipework and Mr Tan immediately began seeking damages from the rental firm they’d been paying CNY 10,000 (£1,100) every month.

The unnamed company said tenants had the option to use either drinking water or water sourced from a nearby well by adjusting valves.

But the couple claim they were never told this before moving in.

The firm claims that the well water passed quality tests in March.

However, it is only meant to be used for functions like flushing toilets and watering plants.

Mr Tan says compensation talks with the firm are ongoing.

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