Children's Hospital of Wisonsin

A heartfelt message from a father to parents of children battling illnesses has gone viral, after being shared by the Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin.

Dan Langlois, who reportedly has four special needs children with his wife, Sara, spoke out as he and one of his sons left the hospital. One of Langlois’s children is reportedly being treated at the hospital.

The letter reads:

I have loved these doors and hated these doors.

I loved these doors when my wife and I walked through them for the first time to meet our son. I hated these doors when I walked through them for his 20 surgeries.

I loved them when walking back out after the surgeries. I hated them for the 180-plus-mile trip for a single 10-minute checkup.

I loved these doors when walking out after learning that surgery or admittance is not required.

The message was shared by the hospital on Facebook and has received more than 4,000 shares. He went on to say he felt a sense of guilt as he was leaving with his son, when others are not so fortunate.

The other day, walking through them again with my son (I have lost count how many times over the past eight years we’ve made this trip), I was struck with a different feeling: guilt. I’m not sure where it came from, but I realised I need to apologise. To every child that has walked in through these doors but never walked back out again, I am sorry. To every parent that has walked in through these doors with their child, but left through these doors empty handed, I am sorry.

For every child and parent that has walked out through these doors with a final diagnosis, knowing that walking back in through these doors would be futile, I am sorry. To every doctor, nurse, PA, NP, surgical tech and other members of the medical staff that have had to walk through these doors after giving everything they had to saving the life of a child and have that child pass anyway, I am sorry.

To every custodian, caregiver and advocate that has had to ready a room for the next patient after the previous occupant passed on, I am sorry. To every member of the security or social services teams that has had to escort grieving parents out through these doors, I am sorry. I cannot begin to imagine what all these people go through, and I hope that I never will. Until I do, I will love these doors.

His message has received praise from parents, who have shared their own memories and emotions relating to caring for sick children.

One comment read:

From the deepest depths of our heart, thank you all so much for sharing your stories

You are all the reason we do what we do. To see this community of families, of strangers, come together and lift each other up is truly inspiring. Thank you.


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