KFC meal costs Dad £720 after he punches manager over 'dirty loos'

KFC meal costs Dad £720 after he punches manager over 'dirty loos'
Woman calls police in rage about KFC order

A KFC meal ended up costing a dad £720 ($880.63) after he punched a manager over the restaurant's 'dirty' toilets.

Kenneth Scott reportedly grabbed the fast-food employee by the neck before he punched him on the back of the head.

According to Daily Record, this alteration occurred after Scott complained about the lack of toilet paper and soap at a KFC in Braille Crescent, Renfrew, Glasgow.

Scott, who is of Craigielea Park in Renfrew, did admit to the assault, which occurred on April 23.

On Friday (17 June) at Paisley Sheriff Court,Sheriff Lindsay Kooner called Scott's actions "unacceptable" and ordered him to pay £400 ($489) in to compensate the victim.

The perpetrator was also fined £320 by the court and was ordered to pay £100 per month.

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"Make sure this comes out of your pocket and not the family's funds," Sheriff Kooner said to him in a warning.

Jason Stark, a prosecutor, had previously told the court that in the evening, around 6.40 pm, the victim was working as a manager at the restaurant.

He also said that Scott approached the counter, complaining that he was not happy about the male toilets.

"Once in the male toilets, the manager deemed them satisfactory.

"This angered the accused, and he grabbed the manager by the neck and punched him on the back of the head," Stark said.

After the police were notified of the situation, he said they came around 15 minutes later at 6:55 pm and arrested Scott.

Defending, Kevin Brady informed the court that the loos We're actually much worse than what was said.

"Mr Scott attended the restaurant with his wife and son, and while his wife was ordering the food, he went to the toilet," Brady explained.

He also said that Scott's wife sent their son to ask him what he wanted to purchase, and he asked his son to grab him some toilet paper.

Brady also said that there was no lock on the door, and there was no soap in the dispenser. He also explained that Scott's wife said there "was no toilet paper in the female toilets."

Brady said that Scott previously worked in security at Glasgow Airport and felt the toilets were "unhygienic."

"Given it's finger food and in times of Covid, Mr Scott felt the toilets were unhygienic. He had been left standing at the counter for 20 minutes before he was spoken to."

As noted by Brady, Scott showed the manager that there wasn't soap in the dispenser, and the manager supposedly said, "If you are smart enough, you'll figure it out."

"He thought he was treated absolutely disgracefully, and it was a momentary lapse, and he acted in the way the narration describes."

Solicitor Anthony Callaghan on Friday added that Scott, who has a job and is married with three chidlren was "embarrassed" and "ashamed" by his reaction to the incident.

"He has previously been of good character, and his family are also ashamed of his actions this day."

Elsewhere at sentencing, Sheriff Kooner said that it was "inexplicable" how someone like Scott, who had "previously good character and good work ethic," could behave the way he did.

"And it's completely unacceptable," Kooner added.

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