Brexit is a quagmire.

So The Daily Show came up with a fool-proof, simple way of explaining the problem, and they used British Bake Off to do it.

It’s called the Great British Break-Off.

In the clip, Theresa May’s face, and her recent remarks about Brexit and the government definitely delivering Brexit were superimposed on a contestant’s body as the judges brutally critiqued her baking.

May baked ‘Theresa’s Brexit crumble’ but the judges weren’t happy.

Her talking head said:

We have a duty to deliver Brexit and that’s what I and the government want to do and it’s what we are going to do.

Paul Hollywood laments, “Oh dear. It’s breaking up far too easily.”

Mary Berry adds:

It’s quite divided there, isn’t it?

Hollywood destroys May’s plans with a damning assessment:

To say it’s a disaster would be a humiliation to ‘disaster.’

Berry concluded:

I think maybe you got a bit rushed at the end and a bit sort of panicky.

“We’re going to really, really, really miss you,” the host said, as a stony May watched on.

Nailed it.

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