Michael Gove appears to say 'Batman' should not become PM after subtitle fail by BBC

Michael Gove appears to say 'Batman' should not become PM after subtitle fail by BBC

Brexit just continues to be more and more farcical and shambolic as the days go by, and we could really do with a superhero to save us.

The Avengers? Nah there is too many of them and they don't always get along.

Superman? Possibly, but's he's way too powerful.

Batman? Now, you're talking.

That's what the BBC subtitles were seemingly attempting to convey on Wednesday evening while covering Michael Gove's passionate speech to the House of Commons.

As the secretary of state for environment, food and rural affairs laid out the reasons why he believed Jeremy Corbyn wasn't fit to be prime minister, the BBC made a hilarious gaffe.

No way can this country ever allow Batman to be our Prime Minister.

What Gove actually said was 'that man' not 'Batman', but this error was soon picked up by Twitter and the jokes were as rampant as the Joker during a bad day in Gotham City.

Everyone soon agreed that they liked the idea of Batman as prime minister.

It's actually not the first time that 'Batman' has delved into politics.

Unfortunately for the UK, Batman is unlikely to become PM as he is fictitious and American, so maybe we could opt for a British superhero instead?

Captain Britain? John Constantine? Lara Croft? Bananaman? Lord Buckethead?

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