12 hilarious suggestions for what David Cameron should call his memoirs
Jason Lee-Pool/Getty Images/Twitter

Despite assuring Theresa May he wouldn't "rock the boat" by stealing her Brexit thunder, HarperCollins has announced that David Cameron's memoirs are due to be published in Autumn.

As the unwitting architect of our current misery, the former prime minister has a lot to answer for and we're sure people will be giving his memoirs of this whole Brexit mess quite a lot of time.

However, as of yet, his new tome is without a title.

With so many good memories of Dave's time in office to draw on - before he went into hiding in a garden shed - Twitter was not short on suggestions.

Of course there were pig jokes.

And for the bonus edition:

While the precise date of the book's release is currently unknown, Dave's memoirs, the Brexit deadline and Halloween seem a fitting trifecta.

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