David Cameron: Where do we begin?

After resigning as prime minister and an MP following the EU referendum in 2016, the former Conservative leader has been keeping a low profile. The most adventurous thing he's done is a nice little photoshoot in his new garden shed.

But that hasn't stopped his name from dominating the national discourse, in part because most people blame him for the UK's current political instability. Cameron is frequently criticised for "putting his party before the country" by calling the EU referendum, then disappearing as soon as the result happened.

After Theresa May's Brexit deal suffered a historic defeat in the House of Commons, Cameron was confronted by reporters on his morning jog.

After the vote on May's deal, lots of people were wondering what he thought of the news. When reporters tracked him down, they quizzed about whether he regrets the referendum. He said:

I don't regret having the referendum, but I do regret the difficulties we've had implementing it.

Naurally, given that so many blame Cameron for our current political instability and deadlock, Twitter users shredded his response.


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