People think these pictures sum up the difference between the Democrat and Republican conventions

People think these side by side photos represent a key difference between the Democrat and Republican national conventions.

On the left are Alaskan native Chuck Degnan, Chicana Marisol Garcia, Asian American Howard Chou and Filipina Amy Agbayani announcing the Democrat roll call for their state.

On the right are – well, exclusively old white men.

The representation of immigrants and indigenous people among the Democrats, compared with the white-washed speakers at the Republican National Conference, didn't go unnoticed.

Diversity among the speakers is important, because without it only one demographic is being represented. And that doesn't paint an accurate picture of the USA.

Another difference between the roll calls was that the Democrats announced their nomination from their home states.

The Republicans, on the other hand, gathered in a single room, meaning the whole process was that extra bit monotonous.

But there were some memorable moments.

Like when Louisiana's delegate Ross Little Jr said that Joe Biden is "hiding in the dark, waiting to take the lives of our unborn babies".

Or when Maryland's delegate David Bossie accidentally referred to Harriet Tubman and Frederick Douglass as segregationists.

We're not entirely sure what image the Republicans were trying to project with this roll call, but it wasn't a good look.

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