There’s a lot of justifiable unease about life right now, what with the global pandemic and all.

But a Tory MP seems to have annoyed just about everyone with a furious anti-mask rant in the House of Commons.

Reacting to the news that Boris Johnson had decided to make face coverings mandatory in shops from 24 July, New Forest West MP Desmond Swayne let Matt Hancock have a piece of his mind.

Swayne called making masks mandatory a “monstrous imposition”, saying:

Nothing would make me less likely to go shopping than the thought of having to mask up.

Alrighty then. That makes a lot of sense.

Obviously these comments have been met with ridicule and condemnation. It’s not as if wearing a mask can really be described as a “monstrous imposition”, particularly when Britain (minus Dominic Cummings) has been through months of intense lockdown measures.

On social media, people were quick to give their verdict on Swayne’s startling rant.

This isn’t the first time Swayne has got himself into controversy. He once defended dressing in blackface and avoided condemning police brutality against Black Lives Matter protesters when asked by a constituent.

Luckily, polling suggests that over 60 per cent of people think masks should be mandatory in shops, so the world hasn't gone totally upside down... yet.

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