Over 1,000 viewers furiously complain about ITV airing Diversity's 'moving' Black Lives Matter dance

Over 1,000 viewers furiously complain about ITV airing Diversity's 'moving' Black Lives Matter dance
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After dance group Diversity performed a powerful Black Lives Matter themed dance last weekend, a lot of people got angry about it and furiously complained about the dance focusing on racial issues.

Yes, sadly you read that correctly.

Some social media users popped over to Twitter to post furious words about the performance on Britain’s Got Talent this week, with Ofcom receiving more than 1,100 complaints.

The ITV talent competition returned with the first of its semi-finals last Saturday (5 September), with dance troupe Diversity, which won season 3, returning to perform an emotional routine inspired by the death of George Floyd and the many protests that sparked around the world.

At the end of the performance, the dancers took the knee on the words: “Black Lives Matter.”

The performance also saw group leader Ashley Banjo pinned down by a dancer dressed as a police officer in reference to Floyd’s death in custody.

Of course, many praised the routine but that did not stop some viewers, who seemingly did not like the theme, from expressing their dislike.

One furious Twitter user wrote:

C'mon guys let's get downvoting this propaganda shit, Ashley Banjo and "Diversity" ruining Britains Got Talent with a BLM protest dance and Knee on the neck bullshit.

Another person suggested that racism may not exist because the dance group won the competition over a white woman and therefor the show should be boycotted. They wrote:

Boycott Britain's Got Talent. FFS it's everywhere . Of course we're all so racist, that's why they (Diversity) won in 2009 over extremely talented white Scottish singer Susan Boyle

Another said:

Disgraceful. No need for that. Getting out of hand now.

Meanwhile, a very angry social media user added:

Appalling... Marxist, violent,anti White subservience, what should be an entertainment show! Yuk.

An Ofcom spokesperson confirmed to The Daily Mail on Monday that 1,121 people had complained about the episode of Britain’s Got Talent, with the majority of complaints pertaining to Diversity’s performance. They said:

We are assessing the complaints against our broadcasting rules, but are yet to decide whether or not to investigate

However, people did have some lovely things to say:

Responding to both the support and complaints he had received, Banjo tweeted:

You can’t please everyone, can you?

... P.S. Black Lives Matter!

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