Pranksters are playing Boris Johnson's 'stay at home' address outside Dominic Cummings' home on a huge screen
Screengrab: Twitter

Dominic Cummings has certainly had better weeks.

Now political campaigners Led By Donkeys have started trolling Boris Johnson’s aide outside his home.

The billboard was playing clips of Johnson’s televised statement, where he urged people stay at home, after it emerged that Cummings had travelled 265 miles from London to Durham during the lockdown period.

In one clip, the video says:

So many millions and millions of people across the country have been doing the right thing. Millions going through the hardship of self-isolation, faithfully, patiently, and with thought and care for others as well as for themselves.

You should not be meeting family members who do not live in your home.

You must stay at home.

On social media, lots of people thought the stunt was funny.

But there were also people who thought it was taking things too far to blare messages on big screens outside Cummings' home.

The prime minister has stood by Cummings after news surfaced that he had travelled to Durham. Boris Johnson’s adviser has also denied returning to Durham in April for a second time.

The Labour Party has called for an investigation into Cummings’ behaviour. The adviser is insisting he’s not going to resign.

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