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We don't want to alarm you, but Donald Trump appears to have been reading about technology and has some interesting ideas about how it can help the United States.

In a fresh Twitter rant posted on Thursday, the president demanded that currently non-existent technology 5G and 6G arrive in the US as soon as possible and that there is no reason why they should be 'lagging behind'.

Unfortunately for Trump, his sources have misinformed him about the availability of this new invention.

A 5G network as already been touted by the Trump administration in their attempts to combat China's threat to US cyber security and economy.

However, it is still in its relative infancy and, while some phone manufacturers have teased introducing it, as of yet, there are no plans to actually introduce the technology.

According to CNET, many US base phone networks aren't planning to introduce a 5G service until October at the latest and, even then, it will only cover a small number of cities.

As for 6G, there haven't been any plans to introduce anything like that as of yet, which is fair enough as the experts haven't even worked out 5G yet.

Also, if 5G proves to be the business then why would anyone need 6G? It doesn't really make any logical sense but then again this is Trump we're talking about.

As you can imagine the Internet has been quick to point this out to the president and mock him.

People also began to ask why he would stop short at 6G? Why not aim higher?

Trump's comments come after Finland's minister of transport and communications, Anne Berner, announced that the country is exploring both technologies at the Women in Tech event. She is quoted by APas saying:

Finland plans to be a forerunner as a user and developer of 5G technology. Our Transport and Communications Agency, Traficom, has created a 5G ecosystem that will accelerate the development of new innovations and services through collaboration with other 5G experiments.

Network World has reported that 6G is still over a decade away, where it will potentially offer users terabits per second. Ari Pouttu, professor for Dependable Wireless at the University of Oulu, said:

6G will emerge around 2030 to satisfy the expectation not met with 5G. It will eventually offer terabits per second.

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