Is this where Trump got his Obama wire tap conspiracy theory?


Never a dull moment in Donald Trump’s presidency.

He seems to have woken up angry, as per usual and this time the source of his ire isn’t Saturday NightLive or the New York Times.

It’s his predecessor, Barack Obama.

In true tirade-fashion, Trump launched into an attack against the former president, accusing him of wiretapping his New York headquarter ahead of the presidential election in November.

Member of Congress Ted Lieu also painstakingly pointed out that if there was a wiretap on Trump tower, it means a “federal judge found probable cause”.

For his critics, the lack of proof for such accusations seems to be the modus operandi for the US president.

Where did he find this piece of 'information'?

We think we have the answer.

It may all boil down to a Breitbart News article.

Picture:Picture: screengrab

His claims are similar to ones made on Thursday the conservative radio host Mark Levin.

Levin called on congress to investigate what he called a "silent coup” perpetrated by the Obama administration against Donald Trump.

Breitbart News, founded by Steve Bannon (now the president’s chief strategist) followed up on the claims, writing in an article for the site:

The Obama administration sought, and eventually obtained, authorisation to eavesdrop on the Trump campaign; continued monitoring the Trump team even when no evidence of wrongdoing was found; then relaxed the NSA [National Security Agency] rules to allow evidence to be shared widely within the government, virtually ensuring that the information, including the conversations of private citizens, would be leaked to the media

On Friday Donald Trump also posted the following photo of Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer:

The president seems to have gotten that photo from Infowarseditor Paul Joseph Watson...

...Who in turn probably got it from reddit.

Picture:Picture: screengrab

The AP photograph was taken in 2003 after Vladimir Putin visited the first New York gas station of Russian company Lukoil.

It had been posted on /r/The_Donald/ reddit page.

In February it was reported that Donald Trump had not been attending daily intelligence briefings, which for decades have been a significant source for a president's knowledge of the world.

Now we can hazard a guess where the president is getting his intelligence from.

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