Trump once called Biden a 'seasoned and feisty debater' and people think it predicted the future
Morry Gash/AP Pool

In another episode of: “There’s always a tweet”, Donald Trump referred to Joe Biden as a “seasoned and feisty debater”.

Twitter users have a penchant for finding Trump’s old tweets that directly contradict his current views, and come back to haunt him.

In this case, ahead of the first presidential debate on Tuesday night, a Trump tweet from 2012 from Donald Trump resurfaced that showed him applauding Biden’s debating expertise.

"I suspect @JoeBiden could do well tonight," Trump wrote in his tweet posted on October 11, 2012. "Don't be fooled by his gaffes. He is a seasoned and feisty debater."

At the time, then-Vice President Biden was set to face off against Mitt Romney's Republican running mate, then-Wisconsin Representative Paul Ryan.

The irony of this tweet was certainly not lost on anyone: “I truly don't know how there's a tweet for everything,” CNN’s Omar Jimenez said.

“For once I agree with you,” another user tweeted.

Plenty of Trump pre-presidential tweets have not aged well - particularly a tweet from 2014 that said: “Are you allowed to impeach a president for gross incompetence?”

But the 2012 tweet has a particular irony, as Trump has rapidly changed his tune about Biden’s abilities. Ahead of the messy presidential debate Tuesday evening, Trump has suggested that Biden is not mentally fit to serve the country.

Even so, the debate on Tuesday evening was a hard-to-watch raucous free-for-all full of clashes and interruptions. But it seems 2012 Trump may have predicted the future: according to a CNN poll, six in 10 debate watchers said Biden did the best job on Tuesday.

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