By now, you really don't need us to tell you, but Donald Trump Jr isn't the sharpest tool in the shed - especially when it comes to Twitter.

Whether he is trying to mock something and it completely backfires on him or getting the name of a popular TV show completely wrong, he really needs to think about what he is tweeting about.

As expected, the president's son was quick to condemn on the horrific mosque shooting in Christchurch, New Zealand, which left 49 people dead and 20 seriously injured.

Trump Jr vaguely criticised the attacker and encouraged outlets to not give him the credit he wants by showing the footage that the gunman live streamed and uploaded to social media.

While few would disagree with Trump Jr on this point, he manages to undo any goodwill by reversing the statement and using it as a vehicle to attack the 'mainstream media' for using the footage for 'ratings'.

The Trumps? Avoiding direct criticism of a white nationalist and instead attacking the media? Never...

Trump Jr's bizarre approach to this story and the fact that the attacker cited his father as an inspiration and a 'symbol of white identity' due to the rhetoric that the president usually touts was soon coming back to haunt Don Jr.

To prove that Trump Jr likes to pick and choose his battles on issues of this nature, here are a series of tweets where he either names a terrorist or shares a link to a story about a terror attack.

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