Donald Trump Jr doesn't appear to understand what the 'N' in 'SNL' stands for

Donald Trump Jr doesn't appear to understand what the 'N' in 'SNL' stands for

On several occasions, Donald Trump Jr has displayed signs that he might not be, how shall we say, the sharpest tool in the drawer, especially when it comes to social media.

The oldest son of the president has previously asked people to check out his 'bada$$' Instagram account and shared clearly doctored images of his dad's approval rating.

However, we're not quite sure if we've ever seen anything like what he posted on Thursday afternoon at 1:52pm GMT.

In response to a conservative named John Willow (who incidentally only has around 300 followers on Twitter), who was mocking the Democrats' election platform for 2020, he wrote the following.

Yes, that's right. Donald Trump Jr, a 41-year-old man, doesn't appear to understand what the N in SNL, as in Saturday Night Live, stands for.

There is a lot to unpack here as he obviously thinks the 'N' is similar to the 'N' in rock 'n' roll.

That being said, if he does believe that, he could have gotten away with it, but instead chose to use an ampersand instead, meaning that he definitely thinks it means 'and'.

Therefore he must think that the show is 'Saturday and Live'.

It's worth bearing in mind that this is one of the most popular shows on American television and has been on the air since 1975.

In addition, his father is regularly parodied on the show and has even hosted it, so he must have watched it at least once.

Also, why on Earth is he replying to someone with little more than 300 followers?

As you can guess, people were very quick to point out his error and make fun at his expense.

What else could 'S&L' stand for?

They practically say the name of the show in the opening skit every week.

We honestly cannot wait to what skit the SNL team make for this.

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