Trump tweeted 'Treason?' after a member of his staff wrote an op-ed about him and it became a meme

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A anonymous member of the Trump administration caused a real ruckus on Wednesday after they penned a op-ed for the New York Times.

The feature is titled 'I Am Part of the Resistance Inside the Trump Administration', and the anonymous member of staff behind it outlined how they and others are attempting to thwart parts of the president's agenda and how he is a "reckless" leader.

Obviously Trump wasn't best pleased about this little feature being published in newspaper which he isn't exactly a fan of.

However, rather than go on a classic Trump twitter rant, he tweeted just one word - but oddly Trump wasn't too confident and added a question mark to the tweet.

Maybe Trump was right to be sceptical about his use of the word as senator Lindsey Graham was quick to point out that the article does not qualify as treason under the US Constitution.

Basically, if the member of the administration truly wanted to commit treason, they would have had to have incited a war against the US or at least helped another country already in a conflict with the US, which the article obviously didn't.

So, while Trump was left pondering over whether the essay was actually treason, the good people of Twitter began making 'Treason?' memes - and they were fantastic.

Others made memes out of the actual essay.

Although it would be impossible to guess which member of the administration wrote the NYT essay, a lot of fingers were pointing at one person.

It could have been Donald Trump Jr as he has a history with the word.

Either way, those White House staffers are gonna be on red alert for the next couple of days.

Trump did add a few other tweets to the topic where he claimed that "the swamp is trying to fight back".

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