Rudy Guliani's latest Twitter mishap has become a meme already
Tasos Katopodis / Getty Images

The Twittersphere is ruthless if you make a faux pas in 280 characters or less.

Just ask Ed Balls what happens when you tweet something you didn't mean to.

Spare a thought then for Rudy Giuliani (although actually, don't, seeing as it's Rudy Giuliani) who seemingly-by-accident tweeted the word "you", and - as you might expect - instantly became a meme.

Song lyrics were quite popular.

As were film quotes.

Soulja Boy got a decent showing all on his own.

Trump jokes predictably abounded.

Remember covfefe-gate?


Of *course* Ed Balls got in on the action.

Maybe he was unable to finish typing his tweet...

This, however, might be the most unsettling thing we've ever seen on the internet.

Too far @MaryPatHyland, too far...

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