JK Rowling is calling Trump out over this subtle 'everyday racism'

JK Rowling is calling Trump out over this subtle 'everyday racism'

President Trump was in the middle of complimenting a Hispanic man but, in a classic Trump move, he managed to find a way to make it seemingly racist.

Donald Trump was hosting a White House event called 'Salute to the Heroes of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement and Customs and Border Protection', and he called to the stage a Adrian Anzaldua, a Latino Border Patrol agent.

"Adrian, come here. I want to ask you a question," Trump said, "So how did you -- come here. Come here, you're not nervous, are you?"

Then, addressing the crowd, Trump felt the need to add, "speaks perfect English".

It was this final remark which gave people a somewhat predictable view into how Trump appears to see Hispanic people.

He felt the need to point out that Anzaldua could speak English, as if it was something totally unheard of.

Maybe it was a passing comment, and that would be believable if this was anyone other than Trump saying it, but it has raised some eyebrows.

Research has shown that 68 per-cent of Hispanic-Americans speak English fluently, so it's not exactly something rare.

JK Rowling has been a fairly vocal critic of Trump over the years on Twitter and, thankfully, she had no problem calling him out for this seemingly racist remark.

In one fell tweet, she took the opportunity to judge Trump on his own English abilities.

Rowling wasn't the only one, a lot of people seemed to share her sentiment.

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