JK Rowling has found the perfect way to troll Trump and his huge signature

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By now you're probably more than aware that JK Rowling has a serious Twitter game and no one is safe.

The Harry Potter author is prepared to go after the likes of Theresa May, mental health deniers and anyone who misinterprets her work.

However, her number one target is always president Donald Trump, who she has humiliated in a number of ways in the past.

Her latest assault against POTUS came after Twitter user @RJonesUX asked why Trump has such a huge signature.

Rowling then replied to Russ by mentioning the theory of graphology, which is the belief that someone's personality and characteristics can manifest themselves in someone's handwriting.

The link that Rowling shared to Handwriting Graphology explains that the negative aspects of a large signature are:

Large writing means that we are before an arrogant person, conceited, haughty, who needs to exhibit compliments and recognitions, tyrant tendencies, exhibitionist and phoney personality that may become megalomaniac with lack of a critical sense.

That description kinda makes sense in terms of Donald Trump and there were more than a few jokes to be had at Trump's expense.

However, some people, mostly Trump supporters, were quick to point out that Barack Obama's signature wasn't exactly small either.

Others decided to show examples of Rowling's signature which was also quite large.

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