Trump supporters tricked into telling 'reporter' what they really think

The Opposition/Comedy Central

The Daily Show is an American institution and its former correspondents make up an impressive alumni.

Comedian and actor Jordan Klepper is one such alumni.

At a Trump rally in Phoenix, Arizona, Klepper asked attendees how best to fight the mainstream media.

The problem is, they didn't see the irony.

Supporters ranted against the media, Barack Obama, and Hillary Clinton. Some even signed a petition to impeach Hillary Clinton from the oval office - Clinton, who is not the president, obviously.

After saying into the camera that viewers shouldn't "trust anybody who’s talking into a camera", Klepper says that The Opposition is “opposed to the resistance, which is technically resisting the opposition”. He then interviews his respondents who all fail to see the mockery.

Alex Jones' is sweating buckets somewhere.

Jordan Klepper's new show, The Opposition, begins on 25 September.

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