Stephen Colbert perfectly mocked Infowars' Alex Jones

YouTube / The Late Show

Comedian and broadcaster Stephen Colbert has given a hilarious roasting to Trump’s new “phone buddy” Alex Jones, the conspiracy theorist who runs conservative website InfoWars.

If you have any trouble remembering the site’s name, Colbert advised: “Just imagine info, and then imagine someone at war with it”.

Jones, Stephen Colbert said on the Late Show, is a “jerk” who acts as an “occasional information source and validator for Trump, with whom he sometimes speaks on the phone”.

He shows a bizarre clip of the somewhat… Animated Jones, before doing an impression of him.

Colbert says:

I don’t know how to explain this, but just watching that clip, he somehow got spittle on me

Colbert also showcases some of Jones’ conspiracy theories; ranging from how juice cartons turn men into women, to 9/11, bisexual frogs and Sandy Hook.

“It’s happening. This is real,” Colbert says.

Here’s the clip, but a quick warning first. It’s not going to make you feel any better about the Trump presidency.

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