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United States President Donald Trump's approval ratings make for grim reading at present.

His latest Gallup daily rating has sharply dropped, and is the second worst he's ever had in office.

A detailed Gallup poll, released on Tuesday, described his approval ratings among various groups.

It turns out his biggest fans are exactly who you'd think they'd be.

Old uneducated white men are the backbone of the President's support group it seems.

The effect education, race, gender and age have on the likelihood to vote for Trump is stark.

His approval rating among white, college nongraduates is at 26 per cent, compared to a -65 per cent rating among nonwhite women, that's a difference of 91 net percentage points.

However, the overall shift among most groups, is towards disapproval.

In Donald Trump's first address to Congress he pledged:

We must build bridges of cooperation and trust –- not drive the wedge of disunity and –- really what it is, division.

It’s pure, unadulterated division.

We have to unify.

And the country seem to be doing so.

More and more are ticking the 'disapprove' box by the day.


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