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For a quite a while now, rumours have circulated that United States President Donald Trump can't read - at least not very well.

Earlier this year a conspiracy theory began to circulate that the President would fail basic literary tests.

It was promoted via The David Pakman Show on YouTube and convinced a few to say the least.

The theory pointed towards various spelling mistakes in his tweets and his tendency to prefer television to books.

It might not have been conclusive but the evidence really made you think whether the Leader of the Free World could make it through a Biff, Chip and Kipper book without struggling.

More fresh indications have since emerged that Trump also has a basic grasp of grammar, or book titles at least.

Take a look at a tweet he sent on 10 October:

Notice anything odd? How about the spelling of that book? Does it really have those dots in the title?

Our investigations would say no. In fact it just looks like he has lifted that straight from a Google search.

Picture: Picture: Google/Screengrab

A quick visit to Amazon shows that there are three whole words that Trump left out of the tweet.

Picture:Picture: Amazon/ Screengrab

It really does beggar belief.

Luckily for Donald, the book is pro-Trump so at least he got that part right.

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