There's a worrying conspiracy theory that Donald Trump 'can barely read'


There’s a new conspiracy theory about Donald Trump, and if it’s true, it’s definitely time to start worrying. If you weren’t already, that is.

YouTube channel The David Pakman Show has a theory that Trump can’t read very well – and outlines its pretty convincing case as to why.

Pakman uses a Canadian document outlining how to identify people with low literacy as his source.

He says:

Every single one of these, Donald trump fulfils to a tee

He uses clips of Trump to back up how he meets the criteria for illiteracy, such as having difficulty telling a clear story, or making excuses to avoid having to read or write something.

Pakman shows examples, such as a clip of Trump appearing to struggle to read a hymn sheet, before putting it down and appearing to tell Melania to do the same. It also looks at some of the spelling mistakes in Trump’s tweets – for instance, writing “unpresedented” instead of “unprecedented”, and “loose” instead of “lose”.

Pakman said this isn’t just about Trump not being able to read very well. He says literacy also impacts how someone thinks and solves problems. He says:

The more I look into this, the more concerns I have that the President of the United States can barely read.

Here's the video, so you can come to your own conclusions:

In an earlier video, Pakman argues the case by pointing out how Trump doesn't seem to read, preferring to watch television instead.

Watch the video here:

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