Twitter/ Ed Brody

Childhood Biff and Chip fans, look away now.

Or come closer, depending on your sense of humour.

Ed Brody spotted this scene in a Biff and Chip book, which he then shared with the rest of Twitter.

Important reminder: The Magic Key Biff and Chip series - which is used by more than 80 per cent of UK primary schools - is aimed at four to nine year olds.

Pictured is a scene typical of the series: a neighbourhood park, a fun children's game and an important message about helping each other.

But the three men in the background appear to many, to be engaging in some adult activity is less characteristic of the beloved kids' books.

Just in case we were doubtful of what exactly was going on behind those bushes, the expression on the elderly lady's face gives us a heavy hint.

Poor woman.

Oxford University Press have replied to the tweet:

Hopefully their reassurances go some way to mending any broken childhood memories.

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