US president, Donald Trump today addressed the UN General Assembly and something happened to him that probably doesn't happen too often.

Trump boldly claimed in his speech:

In less than two years, my administration has accomplished almost more than any other administration in the history of our country.

Quite, what those accomplishments are is up for debate (Putting kids in cages?Calling countries sh**holes?Overlooking North Korean human rights violations?)

Anyway, Trump's huge claim was met with, get this, laughter. Actual flat-out laughter. From the United Nations. Right in his face.

The obviously startled Trump tried to compose himself and replied to the hysterics by saying:

Didn't expect that reaction but that's OK.

Wow! This could be the first time that we've seen Trump truly taken aback in public but he's likely to be even more upset when people begin sharing an old tweet from August 2014.

When during one of his many criticisms of Barack Obama, Trump claimed the United States deserved a president that wasn't a laughing stock.

We can't recall anyone laughing at Obama, except when he made a good joke, but there is now footage of the UN, perhaps one of the most prestigious bodies of people on the planet, laughing at a quite frankly ridiculous statement that the US president had made.

This is how Twitter is reacting to the existence of this tweet following Trump's earlier embarrassment:

Even Captain America can't believe what is happening.

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