'Heartless' driver runs over family of ducklings crossing road at McDonald's drive-thru

It’s good to know where to duck for cover when the mercury rises
It’s good to know where to duck for cover when the mercury rises

We can all agreed that adorable little ducklings bring nothing but joy to our dreary and painful lives, right? It would seem an impatient motorist at a McDonald's drive-thru would beg to differ.

A driver reportedly ran over two ducklings as the family were crossing the road in front of their car as they were pulling into a McDonald's drive-thru.

Witnessing the scene was another motorist, Vicky Smith, who sat in disbelief as the 'heartless' driver just ploughed on over two of the ducklings who were slower than the rest of them.

The offending car, a blue Renault Megane, then drove off after placing their order; the driver apparently showing no signs of remorse heading to the next window without checking behind them.

Vicky was travelling with her seven-year-old son, Saul and her five-year-old daughter, Eve.

She said in an interview with Lincolnshire Live:

We were completely gob smacked, she did not even look back after she did it.

And went on to say:

My son was distraught. When we were coming back round we could see the daddy duck looking for the little ducklings. We couldn't believe anyone could be so heartless.

According to Vicky, the driver of the blue Megane "placed her order and then just drove through them". She added: "She obviously saw them".

It was reported by The Metro that Vicky and her children had travelled to Skegness, Lincolnshire, to enjoy a couple of days at the coast during half-term holidays.

Vicky alerted the staff at McDonalds to what just happened and they promptly took the dead ducklings away.


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