Giant inflatable duck wearing sunglasses goes on a rampage down an American road

Going for an afternoon drive in your hometown should be a relaxing jaunt and void of any hair-raising incidents.

That is until you see a giant, untamed duck wearing sunglasses, like a badass, heading in your direction, hell-bent on destruction and carnage.

That scenario is exactly what drivers in Des Moines, Iowa, were faced with last Thursday as they headed down Southeast Sixth Street.

It's literally like something from a Godzilla movie.

According to the Des Moines Register, the rubber duck belonged to the Youth Emergency Shelter and Services, but had become untethered.

Footage of the incident was captured by local man Marc R. Wallace.

Free to now roam the world, the duck which is reportedly named 'Quacky', rolled down the street for two blocks at around 7pm that evening.

Quacky was part of the 11th annual Duck Derby which is due to take place on 5 May, where the shelter release 37,000 rubber ducks into a lake while raising money for the organisation.

Thankfully, nothing foul happened to Quacky on his little adventure and he was returned home, with the windy weather being blamed as the reason for his escape.

Stephen Quirk, the CEO of the Youth Emergency Shelter and Services, told the Des Moines Register:

I am happy to report the duck is back home in its nest and very safe and undamaged.

Thank goodness for that. As you can imagine, once the internet got wind of this they went quackers for it.​


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