Ed Miliband mocked by 11-year-old at final PMQs before election

The final PMQs of this Parliament was a disaster for Ed Miliband - and even David Cameron's 11-year-old daughter joined in with the jibes.

Nancy, who was for some reason in parliament rather than school, was spotted by the Independent on Sunday's Jane Merrick.

As well as being mocked by a child, Ed Miliband suffered the indignity of having Labour's new poster campaign warning of a Tory VAT rise undermined when Cameron unequivocally ruled one out.

This video, uploaded yesterday, is also looking slightly outdated:

Commentators said the final PMQs was a clear win for David Cameron, even after he slipped up and paid tribute to Labour MP Michael Connarty on the assumption he was standing down - prompting laughs from Connarty, who said "I'm not".

The prime minister then promised to look into his query about disreputable timeshare schemes, adding "I'll look into the specific case and write to him, either in his capacity as an MP or whatever it is after the election" .

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