Elizabeth Warren compares Mike Pence to 'a dog' when asked who will be her vice president

Elizabeth Warren compares Mike Pence to 'a dog' when asked who will be her vice president

Elizabeth Warren has thrown major shade on vice president Mike Pence after she was asked who would be her running partner should she secure the Democratic nomination for the presidency.

At a campaign event in Lebanon, New Hampshire, ahead of the state primary, Warren was asked who she would select as her vice president and look at her with 'adoring eyes' a clear dig at the way Pence often looks at Donald Trump.

A man named Josh made a nod to Warren's own dog called Bailey and asked the Democrat:

Who is going to be my Mike Pence? Who is gonna look at me with adoring eyes?

Not missing a chance to take a swipe at Pence, Warren said:

I already have a dog.

Cue rapturous applause from those in attendance.

In fairness to Warren, this wasn't a complete burn of the vice president as she did go on to answer the question in a proper manner but didn't give a definitive answer on who she wanted to be her vice president.

She said:

It's the kind of people that you want in public service. As vice president also as the heads of all the agencies and cabinet nominees.

What kind of people do I want? I want people who are there because they believe in public service but I want people who believe in this fight. 

I want people who are willing to pick up the tools, that are already there and to use them on behalf of the public.

It's so easy to get discouraged and to say Mitch McConnell just ruins everything — there's a lot of truth in that, too — but it isn't everything. 

There is a lot we can still do. ... What kind of vice president do I want? I want someone who's going to be in the fight with me. I want a partner.

I want someone who is going to say 'I'll pick up part of this and I'll get out and help make this happen.' That's what I want at the head of the cabinets.

Lesson = don't mess with Liz Warren.

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