The Trump presidency has been a neverending stream of cringe-worthy moments.

Trump is so outlandish that it's easy to forget about Mike Pence, the vice president who doesn't allow himself to be in a room alone with women who aren't his wife. Yup, totally normal.

Pence often gives tone-deaf speeches. He recently spoke on World AIDS Day, despite being blamed for allowing an HIV epidemic to spread in Indiana when he was the state's governor.

There are also memes based on his robotic way of speaking during speeches.

This time, Pence's bizarre speech style has taken him overseas to Poland. During a speech on the Iran nuclear deal, Pence visibly paused, presumably expecting applause. But the crowd weren't prepared to play ball.

We're not sure we've ever heard silence quite so intense, have you?

Twitter reacted with glee to Pence's cringe-worthy speech.

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