As Ellen DeGeneres continues to face backlash for her comments on her friendship with George W. Bush, another former friendship is coming back to haunt her.

Last week, photographs emerged of the talk show host at a football game with the former president. Many people were angry about the photographs given president Bush’s stances on LGBT+ rights, abortion and, of course, the Iraq War.

Following the backlash, Ellen addressed the matter on her show. She said she has friends with different political views and that “we’re all different”.

A video then began circulating online with scenes from the Iraq war edited behind DeGeneres as she spoke. She reportedly tried to get the video taken down on copyright grounds, but new versions kept appearing, generating millions of views.

Now the video’s creator, Rafael Shimunov, has drawn attention to another potentially awkward moment from Ellen’s past.

Shimunov – a vocal critic of DeGeneres – shared a 2006 article by People Magazine. The article features president Donald Trump and first lady Melania introducing their son Baron to the world.

In the article, it is claimed that DeGeneres gifted them a gold stroller (complete with its own chandelier) for their newborn son.

It reads:

In the Trumps’ $100 million triplex penthouse, gifts from friends – including a golden stroller complete with its own chandelier (courtesy of Ellen DeGeneres) and gazillions of onesies – greeted Barron’s arrival. 'It’s fun,' says Melania of the stroller. 'It makes you laugh.'

Of course, the president has a long-established pattern of lying, so this might be another “alternative fact”.

Trump wasn’t in politics at this point, but he had become known for making inflammatory political statements long before 2006.

Critics of DeGeneres will no doubt view this as another instance of the star being too cosy with wealthy people with worrying attitudes towards minorities.

DeGeneres has been a vocal critic of Trump since the 2016 election, so it appears he is one Republican that she's not interested in being friends with today.

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