Ever since Melania Trump launched her Be Best campaign in 2018, people have been pointing out the hypocrisy of her crusade against bullying.

Be Best claims to focus on three main pillars: wellbeing, online safety, and opioid abuse. Melania has been spreading its message to schools and young people, but as many have noticed, she's married to one of America's biggest bullies.

Yesterday Mrs Trump gave a speech saying that Be Best is dedicated to "helping children and ensuring that we are doing all we can to take care of the next generation".

She believes we can achieve this through "a simple act of kindness" or "providing care", but the backlash she received proves that people don't think she or her family are doing enough to provide care.

But, as ever, there's one glaring problem: Melania's husband.

From locking children up in cages and verbally attacking people on Twitter (including congresswomen of colour) to his racist "birther" theory about president Obama, president Trump is known as one of the biggest bullies in the world.

Many people pointed out this hypocrisy on Twitter.

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