End of days: George Osborne is actually being nice to Ed Miliband

Another day, another government U-turn: this time, the Conservative Party is being nice to Ed Miliband.

George Osborne paid tribute to the former Labour leader, who was back on the opposition benches on Thursday for the Queen's Speech debate, saying "no one ever doubted his personal integrity" during the general election campaign.

Right. Apart from the time defence secretary Michael Fallon warned Miliband would “stab the United Kingdom in the back" if he became prime minister in the same way he “stabbed his own brother in the back to become Labour leader".

During his tribute Osborne said Miliband had "earned the respect of everyone here" after returning to the Commons so soon after defeat. He may have had to earn it back after David Cameron's 11-year-old daughter made fun of him at the final PMQs before the election. Or after David Cameron said of his interview with Russell Brand: "Russell Brand's a joke!"

Despite the rapprochement, Osborne couldn't help getting a jibe in about the Edstone, joking that Labour erected their headstone before conducting the post-mortem.


Meanwhile, this is what Miliband said after delivering his first speech from the backbenches in nine years.

Apparently his six-year-old son Daniel is looking forward to spending more time with his dad.

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