The Flat Earth Society still can't accept the world is round, despite the Falcon Heavy launch


By now you've probably seen footage from the launch of SpaceX's Falcon Heavy rocket.

And you've probably seen the live stream, or at least pictures, of the Tesla car deposited in space by the Falcon Heavy, now orbiting the Earth somewhere up in the stratosphere.

It was an epic event and the images that have been beamed back to Earth since the launch are truly awe-inspiring.

It would take a pretty sceptical and cynical person to believe that the images were actually false, and somehow manufactured by SpaceX.

Well, step forward Flat Earth Society who, as the name might suggest, are the leading authority on the centuries-old conspiracy theory that the Earth is actually flat, not round.

The group have a long-running rivalry with SpaceX CEO and billionaire Elon Musk, who has been taking time out of his busy schedule of, you know, being a billionaire to shut them down on Twitter.

Anyway, the group have become convinced that the Falcon Heavy launch was somehow faked and that no one should believe it.

Sure, you shouldn't believe everything you see on TV or the internet. And nor should you believe wild and unproven theories on Twitter, but each to their own, we guess.

A lot of people were quick to point out the hypocrisy of Slat Earth Society's tweet.

Either way, we doubt that Elon Musk and his car really care that much, as the vehicle is now on its way to Mars and is likely to be on its journey for millions of years to come.

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