Flat Earthers – those people who believe our planet is flat and Nasa is nothing more than a government conspiracy machine – convened this week for the Flat Earth International Conference.

The event in North Carolina held talks, film premieres and topics of discussion, including ‘Flat Earth with the Scientific Method’ and ‘Waking up to Mainstream Science Lies’.

Riveting stuff, we’re sure.

Filmmaker and Flat Earther Rob Skiba held a talk called ‘Testing the Globe’, where he revealed why NASA and the governments of the world are so keen to perpetuate the 'myth' that the Earth is round.

You see, the real motivation behind this is that they want to hide God from us.

According to Metro, he said:

The bigger picture many of us have come to believe is hiding God.

To me, that would be the ultimate motivation.

Many Flat Earthers, including Skiba, believe the Earth is exactly as it was described in the Bible.

Flat Earth believers shun all the scientific evidence collected over hundreds of years confirming the spherical shape of the Earth.


We'll just leave this here.

H/T Metro

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