Remember a few days ago, when Boris Johnson said that the flooding in the north of England wasn’t a “national emergency”?

Well now the PM has finally managed to make time in his busy schedule to visit the areas affected. In his visit to South Yorkshire, six days after the region was struck by major flooding, the PM was heckled by angry residents.

Residents were seen asking Johnson “where’ve you been?” and “you took your time” as emergency workers and troops showed him the relief effort.

The frustration on behalf of residents comes amid widespread criticism of Johnson and his Conservative government for a slow response to the flooding, which claimed one life last week.

With more rain on its way, the government has announced that an additional 100 UK armed forces personnel are to be deployed to South Yorkshire to assist.

But this pledge was denounced as “too little too late” by Labour, which has announced its own £5.6 billion funding promise for flood defences.

One local woman angrily told the PM that the local community had been “crying out for help”. She then told Johnson:

I think it’s more or less all coming in now, but it’s just a little bit too late.

Next he was heckled by a local man, who shouted:

Everyone's living in poverty. The whole country's a joke. People are living on the streets. Kids are living on the streets. Sort it out.

H/T: Independent

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