Fox News are weirdly obsessed with the hyperpop band 100 gecs all of a sudden

Fox News are weirdly obsessed with the hyperpop band 100 gecs all of a sudden

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The controversial, conservative channel Fox News apparently loves the obscure hyperpop duo that is 100 gecs.

And if a tweet from vocalist Laura Les from 2018 is anything to go by, that means that those working at the news organisation – which has been criticised for its “anti-trans” agenda -“immediately are trans”.

Heck yeah.

For further context, a TikTok video went viral on Twitter after it showed a track from 100 gecs – made up of Les and Dylan Brady – playing out during an episode of The Five.

Panellist Greg Gutfield then went on to say: “[They’re] probably the best new band out, 100 gecs.

“If you want to listen to 100 gecs, get their new album.”

That new album would be 10,000 Gecs, released back in March and complete with tracks such as “Dumbest Girl Alive”, “I Got My Tooth Removed”, “Frog On The Floor” and “The Most Wanted Person in the United States” – just so you know what you’re letting yourself in for.

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The music video for the latter, released last week, is just as bizarre, with footage from Ring doorbells showing the band members sporting creepy Halloween masks and appearing to steal parcels from people’s doorsteps.

100 gecs - The Most Wanted Person In the United States {OFFICIAL VIDEO}

Anyway, this wasn’t a one-off appearance for 100 gecs on Fox News, as the track “Doritos and Fritos” – also from the aforementioned 10,000 Gecs album – was spotted on The Five in April.

While some Twitter users were incredulous, others noted that Gutfield has hosted other unusual bands on Fox News in the past:

No, we can’t believe what we’re seeing either.

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