Fox News turns to the one expert it can trust on the Middle East

Fox News turns to the one expert it can trust on the Middle East

Following the murder of American journalist Steven Sotloff by Islamic State (Isis) militants, Fox News's Sean Hannity turned to an expert on the Middle East he could trust: Phil Robertson, the star of American reality TV series Duck Dynasty.

In an eye-opening interview, the duck hunter, patriarch and Christian quoted the Bible he never leaves home without when asked by Hannity how America should deal with Isis.

"All who hate me, love death," Robertson said, quoting proverbs 8:36. "You either have to convert them which I think would be next to impossible - I'm not giving up on them - but I'm just saying either convert them or kill them, one or the other. I think converting them, maybe that time has gone, so I think that with this ideology that we're faced with: this is like street thugs on steroids."

Robertson added that he was prepared for a "gunfight" or for a "bible study class".

Hannity then told Robertson, who was last year suspended from Duck Dynasty for saying homosexuality was a sin: "Some people view you as controversial. I don't. I see you as a minister, that's your calling."

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