A father has won hearts and minds after he uploaded a video of him and his son dressed as Elsa dancing together to her song 'Let It Go'.

It is hands down the most adorable thing you will see today.

Orjan Buroe uploaded the dancing video on his Instagram page. He told CBS News that to his four-year-old-son Dexter, “Elsa is a superhero.”

So he dressed up in Elsa’s bright blue dress, dressed his son up in a matching one, and they went to town dancing to the Disney tune.

“It is important to teach children you can do whatever you want to,” the dad said.

He added that he decided to join in the fun because sometimes you just had to let go.

The internet is loving the dad.

Internet Dad. Elsa Dad. Best Dad Ever?

Dad's got #MadSkillz.

A couple of people exhibited Fragile Man Syndrome on the Twitter thread, but they were swiftly shut down.

Toxic masculinity? Why, he doesn’t live here.

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